Developing “FE friendliness”

Recently, the focus of our work has been on developing techniques to make our OER course website “FE friendly”.

Discussions about usage of Tags and Quotes to attract our audience’s attention to the important issues/messages. The size of videos was decided to a maximum of five minutes in order to take into account the short attention span of this age group. Employability issues were embedded in our questions both to employers and to students.

Last but not least, we plan to perform actual Usability testing with FE students and use the feedback to ensure “FE student friendliness and effectiveness”.

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Making Connections

On Dec 1st we hosted a workshop ‘Educate Different’ on the creation, use and reuse of OERs. It was encouraging to see the interest in OER use amongst colleagues from our local colleges, Fareham, Alton, Eastleigh and SETA as well as meeting Artie Vossell-Newman from JISC regional support.  This is a positive first step in our dissemination plans for this project.

It is also a pleasure to welcome our student consultancy project members, Elodie, Gwenaelle, Abdullah, Khalid & Turki who are going to carry out some research for us on the understanding of SME’s amongst 16-19 year olds in our local colleges to inform the project further

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Introducing Solent’s OER project

The Solent OER project Website is live!

Project Overview

The focus of the project is to collate and produce an OER to enable 16-19 year olds, thinking about their future, to move forward with confidence in to studying Business and Management topics in Higher Education. From Micro, through Small to Medium, the independent SME is vital to the economic future of this country and a key source of employment for many graduates. The project will use the concept of the SME to inform the business understanding of prospective students. It will feature contributions from current project students, alumni, and the employers engage with them and also those who have successfully set up a micro business .

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